9th July 2012

9th July 2012, the day that marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. My wedding day. With everything that goes around weddings (such as the crazy preparations), by far the best part for me was knowing that my marriage contract had been signed and my father had given away my hand in marriage, and, finally to be united with my husband and for our journey to begin together as one. Two years have now passed since that very special day and last night I was treated by my dear husband for our anniversary at Corinthia Hotel, Tripoli, for their open buffet Iftar.

On arrival we were escorted to our table. With still just over half hour before Mughrib the hall was yet to be filled. This worked to our advantage, as my husband and I were able to take in the surroundings and bring ourselves dates, drinks, soup and salads. In remembrance of our honeymoon, we were glad to see Moroccan cuisine part of the buffet. This was definitely a bonus for both of us as we had fallen in love with Moroccan food during the 10 nights we stayed there two years ago. So for sure we ignored the Libyan sharba and went straight for the Moroccan Harira. Having had a look around and filling our table with all we needed to get started, we returned to our table and waited for Mughrib to arrive. I couldn’t help but notice all the Libyan inspired table clothes with their vibrant reds and black and white designs, they just set the scene perfectly. The Adhan called for Mughrib and we broke our fast, continued onto our starters and then went to get our main course, Moroccan tajeen with rice, kufta and grilled chicken. Taking our time eating and enjoying each other’s company the evening passed at just the right pace. Leaving satisfied and in high spirits, we decided to buy some ice-cream on our way home to share our celebrations with my in-laws.

Reminiscing together over the last two years I came to the conclusion that our marriage like any, wouldn’t be perfect if there wasn’t a balance between the highs and lows. A perfect marriage is one were you share all moments together, good and bad, using the highs to erase the lows and build a strong enough bond that doesn’t allow you to let the lows be a distraction to take you apart. Marriage is a blessing and I feel blessed every day knowing who I have standing by me to protect and cherish me. I pray that in 10 and 20 years I will have a much stronger bond then today and I hope that more people going into marriage experience the blessings I have and more Insha’ Allah.

Thank you for giving me the most precious gift of being my husband, a gift I will hold onto for eternity.